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Wear white like never before.

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Boost your hottness by 200%

Wear white like never before.

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Up to 25% off

Size and syle limited.

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Made with love & kindness

Great Fit, Awesome Styles, & Quality Craftsmanship

In the world full of poorly made clothing. Our androgynous styles are built to last.

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We understand sometimes things doesn't always work out.

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VEEA was founded on great fitting, functional design and style for Androgynous Women. It all started because we couldn't find anything that fit exactly the way we wanted it to. Menswear was too big in weird places, boy's too small, and women... let's just say it's not for us.

How We Fixed It

There's no secret, we just focused on solving the real problems andro women faced. No darts for shaping curves and bust , no cleavage, no weird tapering and no fake pockets.

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Our Andro blog explores the androgynous life, inspirations, and products related to styling, grooming, travel, community, and personal insight from the Designer/Founder.