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Start-Up’s Lessons Learned

No body ever tell you the real distinctions between the role of a Designer and a designer that owns a Startup. I had to learn it all while raising money for VEEA’s Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. Letting go of a job and learning to live on pennies and dimes. But it’s the best experiences I’ve ever had.

I have learned that as designer who owns a company you have to take on almost all roles and I need to elevate to that next level of awesomeness. The role of being Owner of VEEA means the willingness to accept all the responsibilities to keep it running, and to maintain a vision that will keep it growing.

I have learned that hiring and keeping an awesome small versatile team is essential to the growth of a startup. Key characteristics we will need are positive working attitude, hard working determination, organized thinking, and a self-driven passion. We need individuals willing to grow professionally with the company and to deliver their best work that reflects the best from VEEA. Thank goodness I had the pleasure to work with such a wonderful team during the first year.

I have learned that production requires organized planning to anticipate delays or complications.  Building a network of multiple manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors available to fall back on at a second’s notice is vital to keep operations running smoothly. Manufacturers change their mind, supplier are out of stock, or vendors are late on shipment.  Well simply put, “shit happens,” and when it does we need to be ready.

I believe there is no wrong or right way to run a startup, just like the design process. It’s never a straight line and mistakes will happen no matter how great your plan is. It’s about staying mentally focus on learning, accepting the mistakes and then make the necessary changes for the better.   

This is a first time experience for me so it will be very hard, but learning from vulnerability and challenges of others and my own experiences will be the key. My vision for VEEA is strong and clear to the smallest details - for what the brand will look like in three, five, ten years from now. 

Success or failure, it's all subjective.


From The Founder

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