Our Story

Hi, it’s A here.

That single letter “A” is my actual, real name. Anyhow, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and answer a question you probably have: “What is this Androgynous website about?”I’m just a normal person who’s fascinated by stationery (products like notebooks, pens and paper) and beautiful, clean, simple designs.

The Story Of Androgynous

As far back as I can remember, there was never a time when I was into women’s clothing. The button-down shirts just have too many “stuff” I couldn’t find purpose for. They’re tight and wraps around my body like I’m out to show my curves and to accentuate my breasts and hips…it’s like “LOOK! I HAVE BREASTS AND HIPS!” But my biggest frustration of all – those two lines in the front of the shirt and the “cleavage” cut. I went on a search for men’s clothes that would fit my body. My search led me to a few websites that cater to tomboyish women. The only problem was that these sites all consisted of T-shirts, which I can find anywhere. I wanted button-down shirts and dress pants. I wanted the clothes from the men’s runway show. I drooled looking at those shirts, vests, and pants. And oh…those shoes, can’t forget those shoes.

Yea…I was out of luck.

On many occasions after I’ve exhausted my efforts at the women’s department, I would “drift” into the men’s and try to make it seem like I was just passing by. If I didn’t spot anything, I would then “drift” into the boy’s department and try my best not to look weird though I was very self-conscious. I survived with “substitutes” by shopping at Target, Goodwill, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, American Apparel, Old Navy, Gap, JCrew, Banana Republic and Express…Brooks Brother and Abercrombie & Fitch were never really my thing. But I still drooled over the men’s clothes on runways.

Life went on and I graduated from college and went to work as an Engineer in Jersey City. Meanwhile my sister, Vee, was going to school at Parsons The New School for Design, commonly referred to just as Parsons, in New York City.The years went by and I eventually ended up switching careers and worked in New York City. Vee continued at Parsons and spent many long hours at night designing. Once she stayed up for 3 days straight with a lot of Red Bull cans to design a lamp. Working in New York City forced me to examine my wardrobe again. I was working at 14 Street at that time so my wardrobe made me look like a lost tourist who was supposed to go see the Statue of Liberty but ended up in the wrong train because I was too cool to look at my subway map.

Years passed and finally one day, it just clicked. Why don’t Vee and I just start a clothing line for androgynous people? Somewhere out there in the world, there must be people like me who spend days thinking of how they can take their wardrobe and magically turn it into something like high end menswear. I spent months searching. Actually, I didn’t know what to search for. At that time, I didn’t know the word “androgynous”. I browsed around many sites, tried lots of different search terms, read a lot of forums and blogs, and finally found the word “androgynous”. It was EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Androgynous. 

Vee and I spent many months searching for inspirations. We studied men’s fashion from the last 900 years. Men’s clothing started out very loose, then became form fitting and sprinkled with exquisite details. Only in the last 100 years, has it become simpler and more geometric. What I discovered was that fashion, particularly style, changes VERY slowly. My guess is that people conform to society’s views of what’s “normal” without questioning. I think this is the reason why there’s lack of clothing for androgynous people like me. Change only happens when a bold and brave soul takes on an idea and stands behind it. A “recent” change is Coco Chanel and her view on women’s clothing. I think she created the modern woman. I also think a shift is happening right now in fashion. The line between clothing for women and clothing for men is slowly becoming blurry. I’m excited for this moment and what’s about to come. Vee and I have spent hundreds of hours experimenting in order to find the perfect cut. The perfect cut for pants, for shirts and for vests. Vee spent months drafting patterns. We went through hundreds of yards of fabric experimenting with fitting. 

The cuts are not clothing for women inspired by menswear. They’re truly high-end menswear fashion made to fit women. That’s it. No formfitting, no tapering at the waist and hips, and no darts where the breasts are. Simply elegant, classy, clean-cut menswear made to fit women. Why should you believe that Vee and I’ve found the “perfect” fit? My answer is that you SHOULDN’T just believe me. In fact, I’d recommend that you look at our clothes with a healthy skepticism, and a perspective that there should be proof before you believe our clothes “fit”.

That’s why I want you to TRY our clothes before you make up your mind and decide if the fit and look really is for you. That way you can discover on your own the proof. We will let you try on any clothes you want and if you do not like it, return it within 30 days for a no hassle refund. I’m someone who believes that a little weirdness, and a little “craziness” can cause big changes. And I believe that something as trivial as the clothes you choose to wear can change the way society think about what’s “normal”…especially what society thinks about what’s right or wrong. I hope that your decision to try our clothes is something you look back on and you wish you would have done years earlier and recommend it to all your androgynous friends.

Best of luck in life.